JSIE partners with WIT

JSIE partners with World in Tohoku (WIT). WIT empowers social entrepreneurs to become global citizens of  Change-Making Communities ™ WIT conducts programs, including Cross-Border Learning Journey, where you can spend a week in Japan working with other US and Japanese leaders to solve challenges and problems of local people in Tohoku. WIT programs

GPMN User’s Guide

This is a GPMN User’s Guide for both Global Peer Professional and Global Peer Youth. If you have any questions, please tell us at gpmn@jsie.net, we will update items as we go. GPMN Registration ・Please upload your photo — it makes us feel comfortable asking you advice. ・You can input the text either in English and/or Japanese. ・Occupation or affiliated organization/company ・Location is your city/country so that we know which timezone you are living. ・For Spoken Language, please choose mentoring language (English, Japanese, or both). With this information, English speaker is matched with another English speaker. ・Everyone can set a max time per month on their dashboard to ‘give’, 2…

JSIE partners with JWLI

JSIE partners with Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative (JWLI). JWLI empowers Japanese women to become leaders and to make positive social change and innovation in Japan. We are sharing the same passion! JWLI has 4-weeks program every year for leadership training. Please see details below. JWLI programs

JSIE Supporting membership

Thank you for your continued support for Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (JSIE). JSIE established a supporting membership system for those who would generously support our purpose, objectives and activities. Supporting members are entitled to join Global Peer Mentoring Network and participate in various events that JSIE hosts mainly in Tokyo and Washington, D.C. for discounted fee or free of charge. Also, members have opportunities to meet and interact with other members through JSIE’s worldwide network. For More Details HERE

Global Peer Professional Network

Searching for A Peer Mentor? JSIE’s Global Peer Professional Network JSIE has launched a project “the Japan-U.S. Women network-building for Next Generations” utilizing JSIE’s framework of “Global Peer Mentoring Network”, which consists of Global Peer Professional Network and Global Peer Youth Network. Please join us at Global Peer Professional for building our cross-boarder career network. What is a Peer Mentor? A peer mentor is a peer guide who can support and encourage you to manage your own learning in order that you may maximize your potential, develop your skills, and improve your performance. JSIE is building “Global Peer Professional Network” to connect our U.S.-Japan community members & friends, and empower and elevate younger generation’s as…

JSIE Networking Events

JSIE Reunion & Networking Event This event offers opportunities to network, reconnect and meet with new colleagues and mentors from JSIE summer programs & events and to share own thoughts and recent experience with them. JSIE often invites special guests, and this would be a good chance for participants to get some practical advice about feedback from the mentors and special guests. Participants are given opportunities to present their own business idea/plans and activities. JSIE organizes networking event twice a year. Please register as a free member in order to receive invitations from JSIE to join these events. Please join us at next event! About JSIE Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (JSIE) supports fostering global talent, and…

JSIE in the News

JSIE’s activities and JSIE’s partner Murakami’s comments appeared on Red Bull Amaphiko, a platform for social change makers!. Please see the article here.