The Challenge

Economic interdependence, the availability of capital, and continued technological innovation has accelerated globalization to the benefit of many around the world. At the same time, we face significant societal challenges like discrimination, poverty, regional conflicts and terrorism, together with more complex and serious long-term threats such as population growth, environmental devastation, and natural resource depletion.

In many parts of the world, the rights of women and minorities continue to be overlooked at best, or actively suppressed at worst. In emerging and developed nations, the productive capacities of women are not being fully utilized.

Addressing these disparities requires that we “think globally, act locally” by connecting, learning, collaborating, and innovating. We can develop capacity in women, minorities, and others to take effective actions by bringing together people with diverse social, economic, cultural, and technical backgrounds who can use their entrepreneurial spirit, ideas, and skills to decrease the gap.

The Institute:

The Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (JSIE) was founded to help people unlock their full potential to promote social change with innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. JSIE supports fostering such talent, and offers global networking opportunities for young professionals, with an emphasis on helping women and minorities realize their greatest potential. We all commit to developing our own talents as well as supporting others as we shape our life mission and work toward social challenges. JSIE will provide hints and opportunities for realizing individual goals in an ever-challenging world.


JSIE envisions a society where there is no prejudice of gender, race or any other forms and where anyone can reach their full potential, with their talents respected and their values accepted. To realize such a society, JSIE supports individuals who are willing to lead social changes that create an ecosystem where women and minorities can take active & productive roles.


To make its vision of promoting social change a reality, the mission of the JSIE is to:

Foster a diverse and skilled global talent pool that can make independent decisions about their own lives and actively collaborate with others in international and local communities to address complex issues.
Promote and support empowerment of women and minorities in Japan and around the world.
Develop global leaders to be catalysts and actively participate in bringing about lasting social change in respecting diversity and instill in them a deep sense of compassion and moral commitment.
Create, share, and adapt knowledge, expertise, practical skills, and frameworks that support global, holistic and comprehensive problem-solving capabilities that promote social changes.

Specific Programs:

To achieve our goal, JSIE will implement awareness raising programs bringing innovators, renowned practitioners and thought leaders; organize a Global Peer Mentoring Network to connect and elevate women and minorities’ activities and participation in the international scene; and will actively work on raising awareness worldwide in cooperation with domestic and overseas organizations with the similar visions and missions.

JSIE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Washington, D.C.