JSIE Supporting Membership

JSIE is grateful for your support. JSIE established a supporting membership system for those who would generously support our goals and activities.

Supporting members are entitled to join the Global Peer-Mentoring Network and participate in various JSIE-hosted events mainly in Tokyo and Washington, D.C. for free or at discounted fees. Please join us and enjoy various opportunities interacting with talented professionals and leaders in Japan and the United States through the Global Peer Mentoring Network and events. Individual membership is valid for 12 months from entry month.

2018 JSIE Events

The WISE Intensive Program (2-day program) is intended to promote leadership toward innovative solutions against various global issues and challenges and offers global networking opportunities for young professionals.

JSIE and Academy Hills Library jointly organize First Movers Forum series, featuring individuals who have the courage to solve local/global challenges and to boldly move forward with actions on various fronts.

JSIE provides opportunities to find best-matching peer-mentors who would share personal experiences and challenges faced. JSIE started a pilot program in 2017-2018, and supporting member can join the network and enjoy talking to peers.

The Washington Women’s Dialogue features prominent speakers who are playing active roles globally. It offers opportunities that participants can discuss various issues on social and international challenges with the speakers and learn how to overcome such challenges and promote building an inclusive society.

How to Join Us

For the payment of JSIE supporter members, please register membership (free) first, then login. Please go to「JSIE member registration (free) 」and「Login」.

You can pay with Paypal or credit card. At Paypal page, you can choose to pay with credit card or debit card.

Full Member (Individual)

Available to individuals who would generously support JSIE’s objectives and activities.
Fees Full Membership fee: minimum $320 a year (one-time registration fee $30 and $290 annual fee)
  • Full members can join JSIE’s Global peer-mentoring network.
  • Full members can join JSIE’s exclusive networking community and meet and interact with talented professionals and leaders in Japan and the United States through JSIE’s events and closed receptions.
  • JSIE is willing to help supporting members build their professional network in Washington, D.C., New York, and Tokyo for the purpose of their career development. Please contact us for any specific inquiries/requests.
  • Full members are provided special access Video Archive to view JSIE’s past open events held in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo.
  • Full members will receive e-newsletter and the latest information on JSIE’s events and activities.
  • Full members are informed about JSIE’s upcoming special events and registration earlier than non-members.
  • Full members can attend JSIE-hosted events for free or discounted price.
  • One family member (e.g. daughter) can attend JSIE-hosted events (including summer program) on behalf of the full member, if the full member desires. If family member is attending WISE, full member can join as an observer.

Non Profit Member (Institution)

Available to small scale non-profit organizations that would generously support JSIE’s objectives. The organization has to be registered as a non-profit institution.
Fees Nonprofit Institutional Membership fee: minimum $1,500 a year

There are following benefits to Nonprofit Institutional members:

  • Nonprofit institutional member can sponsor one individual to WISE program, and one observer is invited to monitor closed sessions where only WISE participants would attend, including mentor sessions, panel discussions, and final presentations without any costs.
  • The members can bring two guests to selected JSIE-hosted events without any costs.  (Selected events are seminars and forum)
  • The members can participate in JSIE’s events and activities as a mentor and/or speaker when their expertise and experience match participants’ needs.
  • If the organization pays more than 2 sets of membership fees ($1,100 or above), partial amount will be allocated for “WISE Fund” in order to send young professionals to the Accelerator’s Program in Silicon Valley or Washington, D.C. This helps them further develop leadership skills and confidence through the program. Such members are invited to closed meetings, and can directly support the young professionals and see them grow.

Corporate Member

Available to organizations and corporations that would generously support JSIE’s objectives and activities.

For details, please contact us at info@jsie.net.


Corporate benefits include the following.

  • If your company is involved in independent philanthropy and it coincides with our purpose, JSIE can introduce the philanthropy in JSIE events.
  • If your company wishes, JSIE circulate classified listing info among JSIE internal network.
  • If your company approves our activity and donates to us more than certain amount of money as a sponsor, we put your company logo on our event webpage and booklet.
  • Up to certain number of members per a share can take part in our events from your company.

If you have any further details or questions, please feel free to e-mail info@jsie.net.